Sunday, September 25, 2011

This Is Why I Don't Blog

Flashforward 9 months and then you understand why I suck at blogging. I totally forget that I have a blog for 9 months. Lots of things have happened since my last post so let me get that out of the way. First and foremost, I did not have a baby. I did however, 1. get engaged, 2. move into my house, 3. got a raise! Yay! I have completely turned in to Ms. Fixit, doing everything from sanding a floor (HUGE pain in the ass, literally, that machine was soooo hard to move) to painting countertops. I'm sooo excited to announce that I'm getting married in December, but I'll still be living in Henderson while Jason is living in Germany for at least another year. That aside, I'm super excited. Also, I turned 23 yesterday! I know, not that big of a deal, but everyone loves birthdays. That being said, I WILL try to blog at least every weekend while I'm bored at work.

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