Friday, January 28, 2011

I Just Want A Clean Couch

As a single girl, it's been fairly easy to get buy with a second (or third) hand couch in my living room and a mismatched recliner. BUT as I'm nearing entry into my "not so single" days in the new house, the boyfriend and I have been looking into buying new living room furniture. Never in my life could I have predicted just how difficult furniture shopping could be. Of course it's especially difficult trying to find stuff at stores that have a website so that he can see if he likes the particular piece of furniture, but then there are the materials. I really had my heart set on leather, but he has a lot of negative feelings toward that. So then my next inclination was microfiber. Turns out that can be ruined by oils from pet hair. So then I'm left with fabric. I don't think I can fully express my disdain for fabric couches. They're not all that comfortable, they're plain looking, and they're hard to keep clean. Who knew there were this many variables when it came to furniture shopping? As soon as I find one I like it either gets shot down or it doesn't come in a color that will go with the living room decor.
On top of all this, now his buddies are giving him crap about furniture shopping. Apparently that's only a thing that married couples do. Honestly I just figured if he was going to be using the furniture he would want a say in it. But if the "bullying" happens to get too overwhelming maybe he'll give up and let me get leather. :)

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