Friday, January 14, 2011

Definitely Not Definitive

It's surprisingly hard to decide what my first blog post should be about. I have lots of ideas for future posts, but this first one seems like it should be definitive in some way. It should really set me apart or something. I'm letting you know right now, that's probably not going to happen. I'm writing on a whim here. But, if anything else I suppose I could explain why I felt the need to actually document the thoughts that happen to run through my typically restless mind (in segments of more than 140 words that is). 
"I" happen to be Samantha Walker, 22 year old Master Control Operator for an ABC station that isn't even in the top 100 markets. "I" am a dog owner, an army girlfriend, a pizza enthusiast, a bleeding liberal, and incredibly quirky. But that doesn't really explain this blog, now does it?
So, why am I writing? I really don't know. Part of me wants to share the facts that I pick up throughout the day. Part of me wants to share my opinions. And most of me just wanted a creative outlet. I kind of just wanted something I could look back on and say "That's who I used to be. This is how I've changed, this is who I've always been". That sort of thing. I plan on posting movie reviews, interesting news stories, album reviews, maybe a few personal posts.
So there is the first, hopefully of many.

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